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Warrior Girls

The Beginning


 In the distant future, on a planet, Kateri, colonized by the United States where wealth is everything and poverty dooms you to a life of non-existence in the eyes of others Two young women fight for their lives.

Marceline and Kayla have been set up as a murder suspects in a double homicide and rather than accept their fate, they decide to fight save their lives and solve the mystery of the murdered young men and five young women.

Marceline and Kayla are young woman newly graduated from high school. They find themselves as two main suspects in the murder of two popular ex high school students. They decide to take on the killer. Side by side, They will discover who the murderer is and come to grips with the unearthing of Marceline's true identity.

Acts of Evil

An attempted brutal rape by two ex classmates force Marceline and Kayla to use deadly means to save their lives. They leave the two young men in the desert severely injured, and unconscious, unaware their every move was witnessed by an unknown presence. Though they think they've left the two young men alive, they turn up dead and Marceline and Kayla become prime murder suspects.

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