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Below you will find a list of my books. The most current books being listed first. For a look at me earlier novels, just scan below until you've found the one you are looking for. Currently, the only books available are the three shown. Just click on the image of the book's cover, or title and you will bee taken to Amazon so you may purchase your selection. Thank you for stopping by.

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Warrior Girl
The Beginning

Two young women who have just graduated high school joined the military; The United Intergalactic Expeditionary Force (UIEF). They were looking forward to basic training and leaving poverty behind. This story takes place in the distant future. It is a sci-fi/mystery and the beginning to a whole new series of adventures for the two young women. Their names are Marceline Nightsong and Kayla Fairstar and they live on a planet named Kateri. They are ready to leave their home planet for basic training when two young men go missing and then are found dead. Their deaths are deemed a homicide and Marceline and Kayla have been framed as the guilty parties. This prevents them from leaving for training. They have to solve this mystery and prove themselves innocent before they are executed for murder.

Warrior Girl The Beginning

Action packed with Sci-fi, and mystery elements. The larger story is the fight of two young women to gain acceptance into the United Intergalactic Expeditionary Force.  Marceline and Kayla are set up as murder suspects in a double homicide and rather than accept their fate, they fight back to save their lives and solve the mystery of the deaths of two young men the night of their class graduation. Marceline and Kayla must also stay alive in a fight against a sinister killer with an even more sinister mind who is on an unending killing spree that has crossed a number of years.

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